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"When we wanted to create the perfect yard for our daughter's wedding, we brought in Urban Jungle to assist us. They had recently designed and installed the concrete, paving stone, water feature and landscaping for the indoor courtyard at our offices at The Derksen Group, and did a fantastic job. We have been in the construction industry for over 30 years and it was evident Urban Jungle knew what they were doing. The project at our home and the wedding were great successes, in no small part because of Urban Jungles work."

Kurt and Resa Derksen (Testimonial provided in 2021)
Work done in 2011
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"After I conjured up the idea to build a lake and entertainment area in the quarry behind my country residence, I called Gerard at Urban Jungle Landscaping. Urban Jungle had put in the pool deck, entertainment areas and landscaping when I first purchased the property several years earlier. I knew they could handle all the aspects of the large heavy lifting and the small finesse details as well. I was blown away by the final outcome as is everyone that comes over."

Brad Mason President/ Servco Canada (Testimonial provided in 2021)
Work done in 2012 and 2015
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"A few years ago, we decided to relandscape our back yard. After meeting with Jacob and Gerard, we decided to pick Urban Jungle Landscaping to develop a design package and budget for us. After a few subsequent meetings and tweaks to the design we gave them the go ahead. We are extremely happy with all aspects of the process and experience, and the final result."

Brent Ross LLP (Testimonial provided in 2022)
Work done 2016
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"In 2004 we were seeking to improve the quality of our landscaping. Our properties were not being maintained to the standards that we desired. I reached out to some trusted property managers to ask what we could do to define specifications that met our expectations and then receive the service that met those specifications. They told me there was only one place to go and that was the team at Urban Jungle. Since that time they have become our trusted partner to maintain our properties to the standard that reflects our pride of ownership. Their work has involved improving existing landscapes as well as design and installation at our new developments, and then handling the maintenance services for those properties. We have relied upon their quality service and expertise at both the commercial and residential level. They continue to be a critical part of our team of service providers and we continue to be thankful for the relationship."

Calvin Polet (Testimonial provided in 2022)
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In 2009, we the board of directors at The Hampton Court condominium coop located at 1525 Wellington Crescent, reached out to Gerard D'Souza and Urban Jungle for consultation advice regarding the landscape and other upgrades that had been proposed for property. Mr D'souza had many insights that resonated with the board, one of which was concern for the existing mature trees given the level of demolition and excavation that had been proposed. Not long after our initial meeting the board chose to employ the services of Urban Jungle as our design/build contractor. Mr. D''Souza made several revisions to the plan including dismantling and rebuilding the timber retaining walls, taking time to notch around the roots of the mature trees. Urban continues to maintain the grounds to this day and have the overwhelming support of all the owners."

Duncan Jessiman (Testimonial provided in 2022)
Work done 2009
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"Hi Gerard, we just recently sold our house in LaSalle. In the listing we included that Urban Jungle had done our landscaping back in 2015, we thought that would be a selling feature. Our hose sold quickly and for top dollar. The yard looks beautiful."

Brian Cummings (Testimonial provided in 2021)
Work done 2015
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